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diaries of compulsive obsessions

"Diaries of Compulsive Obsessions" blends the realms of visual art and blockchain to create a collection of 39 digital diaries. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain and powered by Transient Labs' ERC-7160 protocol, this project offers a deeply interactive art experience.

At its heart, each diary is formed of chapters. The first, “hello world,” is embedded directly into the token's metadata. This is just the starting point. From there, diary owners step into the co-creator role, invited to enrich the diaries with their own words, thoughts, and poetry in response to the videos, thanks to the Story Inscriptions feature. It's a process that sees these diaries evolve, shaped by a community of voices, growing and changing with each new contribution.

The project maintains a unified foundation through core chapters shared across all tokens. This balance between individual expression and shared experience fosters a community of understanding and connection among participants as each diary weaves its path within the collective narrative.

If you are an holder, you can go to

chapitre 1

One of the most important part of the project is public arts and performances. TJO hopes to use the audio visual work of this project to bring forward discussions both on-chain and in person, by doing a variety of IRL events and stunts such as the fake ad break being shown on Times Square.

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