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blue rooms

Blue Rooms is a series of mixed-media artworks centred on spontaneous explorations of inner dialogues. Humanoid archetypes are the subjects, and blue rooms are the stage for the dialogues. It came to be after TJO had explored energy archetypes for some time. After finally settling on the colour of his inner world, he wanted to give complete freedom to his impulsive intuitions and create a variety of mindscapes in that deep hue.

As he explores the place of miscommunication in mental health, TJO employs a variety of mediums and, most importantly, a constant back in forth between digital and physical processes; he uses this alternative to create miscommunication and loss of information in his process to bring awareness into the relationship between the self and the world.

Every piece is impulsive while always being from the perspective of psychological archetypes inside his psyche. The process is highly focused on collage and post-processing, and TJO photographed the models in an indoor studio context.

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